Sunday, 14 December 2014

Doctor Who Special Releases: The Doctor of Oz Trailer

Merry Christmas to all!

We've been working on something new for you all. In true Doctor Who spirit, for Christmas we've taken an old tale and given it a Doctor Who spin. This time it's The Wizard of Oz quite unashamedly being taken for a ride in The Doctor of Oz (aka. The Wiz of Niz) Set between Tales of Mystery and Imagination and The Flesh Monger, this episode stars Robert Lloyd as the Doctor.

Caught in a whirlwind of time, the TARDIS crash lands on Nizland, a planet curated by a mysterious wizard. When the TARDIS disappears, the Doctor seeks out the wizard for help but finds many obstacles on his way.

In true Wizard of Oz fashion, we have a number of familiar faces. From The Perfidious Alchemist and The Temporal Terrorists we have Jill Damerow as Brenda; from those and Eclipse we have Matthew Hocking as Tim Masters; from Mind the Gap! we have William R. Stone as the Record Keeper, from Mind the Gap!, Deep Freeze and The Flesh Monger we have Jessica Hayden as Skye Croweville and from a multitude of episodes we have W.D. Stevens as the Mayor of Ackbourn. In addition to that, our cast also has some new faces in Irena Vecris as Helen, Alex Haller as Leon Russell and Terry Bollod as the Wizard.

Download MP3 (6MB)

It's out next week and we hope you enjoy!

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