Sunday, 30 November 2014

Illusionist Productions: 2014 Soundtrack

Hello to all!

It's a very different one today as our release is not a story but a soundtrack. To celebrate our first year of productions (though we've got a couple more on their way to you with Hickory Banes and a couple of other surprises), we're releasing a soundtrack of all the original music we've used this year. And we have a cover wonderfully designed by Sam Woodhall and Tom Denham.

Thank you all for listening and have a wonderful Christmas!

Track listing (all tracks composed by W.D. Stevens unless otherwise stated):

1. Doctor Who Theme by Ned Warren (Ron Grainer)
2. Alone in the Library
3. Ballad of the Argonians
4. The Perfidious Alchemist
5. The Time Lords Have Spoken
6. Luna's Theme
7. Dealing with Danger
8. Under the Water
9. Great Southern Rail (W.D. Stevens; Iva Davies)
10. Penelope's Theme
11. Fight for Your Life
12. An Audience with the Empress
13. The Robert Lloyd Theme by Timeshadow (Ron Grainer)
14. Scout's Theme
15. The Master Regenerates
16. A Hero Through the Ages
17. Theme of the Future (Ron Grainer)
18. The Legend of Tops Hill
19. Up Around Tops Hill (W.D. Stevens; J.C. Fogerty)
20. Things That Go Bump in the Night
21. Graverobbing
22. Roxanne's Theme
23. He Who Walks on Strangers' Tide (The Physician's Prayer) with Bec Johnston, Tom Denham, Therese and Michael Slee

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