Saturday, 20 December 2014

Doctor Who Special Releases: "The Doctor of Oz"

The Robert Lloyd Era
2014 Christmas Special

Download MP3 (82MB)

Caught in a whirlwind of time, the TARDIS crash lands on Nizland, a planet curated by a mysterious wizard. When the TARDIS disappears, the Doctor seeks out the wizard for help but finds many obstacles on his way.

Robert Lloyd (The Doctor), Jill Damerow (Brenda), Irena Vecris (Helen),
Matthew Hocking (Tim Masters), Alex Haller (Leon Russell), Jessica Hayden (Skye Crowville),
W.D. Stevens (The Mayor), William R. Stone (The Record Keeper),
Terry Bollod (The Wizard)

Written by W.D. Stevens
Directed by W.D. Stevens
Incidental Music by W.D. Stevens
Theme Arr. Time Shadow

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