Sunday, 26 January 2014

Tales of Mystery & Imagination - Episode 4 "Hickory Banes vs the Daleks"

Tales of Mystery & Imagination - "HICKORY BANES vs THE DALEKS"

The Robert Lloyd Era
Season 1, Wave 1, Episode 4

Hickory wouldn't expect that his life would be far from dull when his silly story pitches for The Adventures of Dr. Who & Friends becomes a hit success, but time does contradict this. Mr. Terry Dike, resurrector of the Torchwood Institute, attempts to pick Hickory's brain so he can find out where he found the idea of the Doctor from, but all is not well when the Daleks intervene...

Written by Tom Denham
Directed by Tom Denham

Ben Holt (Hickory Banes), Simon Fisher-Becker (Mr. Dike),
Rob Baines (The Daleks), Tom Denham (The Master)
Lucy Ross (Maggie)

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