Sunday, 19 January 2014

Tales of Mystery & Imagination - Episode 3 "Transference in Time"

Tales of Mystery & Imagination - "TRANSFERENCE IN TIME"

The Robert Lloyd Era
Season 1, Wave 1, Episode 3

The secret is out and the future is now. Ellie has been transported once again and is in the hands of the Celestial Toymaker and his gruesome organic robots. Elsewhere, the Doctor has fallen through the vortex and landed in Gallipoli in the midst of war...or has he? He will face a confrontation that will dictate the future for the human race, either for the better or for the worst

Written by Tom Denham
Directed by Tom Denham

Robert Lloyd (The Doctor), Natasha Jacobs (Ellie),
Bryce Mazzarella (Edgar Allen Poe), Aron Toman (Tristan),
Lachlan Campbell (The ToymakerZak Marinan (Dracula),
Ben Holt (Bartender), Tom Denham (The Master)

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