Sunday, 12 January 2014

Tales of Mystery & Imagination - Episode 2 "The Transylvanian Incident"

Tales of Mystery & Imagination - "THE TRANSYLVANIAN INCIDENT"

The Robert Lloyd EraSeason 1, Wave 1, Episode 2
The TARDIS lands safely away in Transylvania, but not when it seems. It's 1989 and mysterious happenings are afoot. The local brewery's liquor is affected as people begin to disappear leaving the Doctor and his friends in what was once a warm inviting place and now a desolate pinpoint for a gateway from another world...

Written by Tom DenhamDirected by Tom Denham

Robert Lloyd (The Doctor), Natasha Jacobs (Ellie),
Bryce Mazzarella (Edgar Allen Poe), Aron Toman (Tristan),
Zak Marinan (Dracula), Ben Holt (Bartender), Tom Denham (The Master)

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