Sunday, 2 February 2014

Tales of Mystery & Imagination - Episode 5 "Coda Juncture"

Tales of Mystery & Imagination -  "CODA JUNCTURE"

The Robert Lloyd Era
Season 1, Wave 1, Episode 5

The Doctor has foreseen his own future. As the continuity of time never lies, he and his friends are faced with an array of scenarios. The Daleks are at the height of their power and plot to make Tokyo perish in their gunfire. And as Tristan had said, some will not make it out alive. It is the coming of the end, the coda juncture.

Written by Tom Denham
Directed by Tom Denham

Robert Lloyd (The Doctor), Natasha Jacobs (Ellie), Ben Holt (Hickory Banes),
Simon Fisher-Becker (Mr. Dike), Lachlan Campbell (The Celestial Toymaker),
Mitchell Pirera (Tristan), Katie Fowler (Felicity of the East),
Bryce Mazzarella (Edgar Allan Poe), Tom Denham (The Master), Rob Baines (The Daleks)

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