Friday, 2 March 2018

Coming Soon... Doctor Who - Time and Relative Dimensions in Truth & The Contagion That Erased Tomorrow

We have not one, but TWO exciting covers to unveil.

The much anticipated wait for Time and Relative Dimensions in Truth is drawing nearer, but for now, we get an exciting cover revealing the amazing ensemble cast comprising of Robert Lloyd and Morgan Thomas-Connor as the Doctor and Scout respectively, along with Caitlin Yolland, Jacqueline Vukasinovic and Mark Robert Walters. 
There are three stories, three truths and when an eminent scientist is murdered, everyone is under suspicion.
The story is written by Scott McAteer and will be released very soon.

The second story features the return of the Tom Denham Era, starring Tom Denham as the Doctor with Nari Riis as Luna and Elice Rebeccah as Penelope.
It also guest stars Edward Felix as Dr. Rufus Flanagan, a batty scientist living inside Big Ben. It's a serial that spans across three episodes and follows each character as they trace a an alien venom with deadly consequences as it makes it's way to Earth.
This release will soon follow a few months after the aforementioned episode. 

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  1. When are you guys releasing this? I am really excited about it!