Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The Robert Lloyd Adventures 3.4: "Essence of Eden - Part One"

"ESSENCE OF EDEN - Part One"Download Part One (66MB)
The Robert Lloyd Era
Season 3, Episodes 4

A lot can happen in two weeks. Since Ashley's been away travelling, an invasion has begun. Meteorites have been falling to the ground and before anyone can get a look at them, they're gathered by someone. But it's what's inside that's the danger. But when Ashley gets too close, will the Doctor be able to save her in time?

Robert Lloyd (The Doctor), Morgan Thomas-Connor (Scout), Tracy Tarr (Ashley),
Ben Byrne (Vinnie), Jaklene Vukasinovic (Raemar), Caitlin Yolland (Karesh),
Adam Lofthouse (Dealer), W.D. Stevens (Newsreader)

Written & Directed by W.D. Stevens
Incidental Music by Kevin MacLeod & W.D. Stevens
Theme Arr. Khottari

Please note that this story contains (fictional) drug references.

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