Sunday, 26 July 2015

Doctor Who Scott McAteer 1.1: "The Art of Immortality"

The Scott McAteer Era
Season 1, Episode 1

The Doctor journeys five years into the future to see what happens next. There he meets Cecelia, who is connected to a much greater plot. With a mysterious man lurking around Melbourne's outskirts doing the bidding of Dowin the Devious, what could happen next may cost the Doctor and Cecelia their lives.

Scott McAteer (The Doctor), Caitlin Yolland (Cecelia), Seth Lukas Hynes (Roderick), Benji Clifford (Dowin), Daniel Burnett (Timothy), Tom Denham (Jim)
Written by Tom Denham
Directed by Tom Denham
Incidental Music by W.D. Stevens & Joey Perrins
Theme Arr. Ash Tarrant

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