Sunday, 7 June 2015

Doctor Who Old Friends: 2.3 "La Cage aux Reine"

"LA CAGE AUX REINE" - Download MP3 (96MB)
The Robert Lloyd Era
Season 2, Episode 3

There are three things you need to host a good dinner partly; Music, fine food and good company. Two out of three ain't bad. It's a volatile combination of people at Lady Katherine's tonight and nobody's really sure why they're there. All they can be sure of is a faint smell of peaches.

Written & Directed by W.D. Stevens
Incidental Music by W.D. Stevens
Theme Arr. Time Shadow

Robert Lloyd (The Doctor), Morgan Thomas-Connor (Scout),
Suzy Markovski (Lady Katherine), Chris Lawson (Captain Aldridge),
Vicki Kyriakakis (Mrs. Aldridge), David Innes (Sir Thomas), Hayman Kent (Bianca)

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