Saturday, 10 January 2015

The Adventures of Hickory Banes

Episode 1

After the press launch of his new book, Hickory is stalked home by the elusive Hans Wickerwood, a man who has a fascination with Judgement Day. Elsewhere, the government has some concerning issues and it will take Hickory, teamed up with secret agent Bob Lem, to defeat the almighty villain behind this terrifying scheme. But can they do it time?

Written by Tom Denham
Directed by Tom Denham
Incidental Music by Kevin McLeod and Murray Gold

Ben Holt (Hickory Banes), Scott McAteer (Bob Lem), 
Daniel Burnett (Timothy), Christopher Thomson (Hans Wickerwood), David Innes (Prime Minister), William Yates (Sergeant Patch), The Kraal (W.D. Stevens), Librarian/Waitress (Tom Denham)

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