Saturday, 20 September 2014

Doctor Who: The Tops Hill Trilogy Announcement

Hello once more,

It's nearing the end of September (where does the time go?) and we've got some exciting new stuff for you. In the coming weeks, we will begin to release the episodes of The Tops Hill Trilogy, a story that spans time, space and Doctors.

Episode 1 is entitled Ghost Hunt and stars Robert Lloyd as the Doctor alongside Morgan Thomas-Connor as Scout. The Doctor's bad driving takes them to a dwindling Yorkshire museum town called Tops Hill. But the boring first impressions are quickly dashed when stories of ghosts haunting the cake shop at the top of the hill.

Episode 2 is entitled Phantom Power and stars W.D. Stevens as a Doctor from the future with his companion, Roxanne, played by Kristian Columbine. They are drawn by a psychic storm to an abandoned building populated by strange voices. As always, it is the Doctor's mission to liberate tortured souls - and this time it literally means souls.

Episode 3 is entitled Borrowed Time and stars Tom Denham as the Doctor with Nari Riis as Luna. Surrounded by the companions of his past, present and future selves this Doctor must endeavour to save his other incarnations from almost certain death.

All that is coming very soon! And for anyone in Melbourne, do be sure to check out David S. Innes' Fringe Festival show, This Can't End Well at Club Voltaire directed by our own Robert Lloyd who is also currently performing in a geek rom-com called Who Are You Supposed to Be? at The Owl and Pussycat.

Have a good weekend, you Whovians!

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