Sunday, 31 August 2014

Doctor Who Special Releases: "The Flesh Monger"

The Robert Lloyd Era
Set between 'CODA JUNCTURE' and 'GHOST HUNT'

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1904, London, England. The TARDIS detects a series of a time leakages. Meanwhile, Scarlott "Scout" Robertson and her fellow friends from the orphanage have been granted summer holiday, but unprecedented occurrences begin to contradict not just her future, but the Doctor's too. 

Written by Tom Denham & W.D. Stevens
Directed by W.D. Stevens
Incidental Music by W.D. Stevens
Theme Arr. Time Shadow

Robert Lloyd (The Doctor), Morgan Thomas-Connor (Scarlott 'Scout' Robinson),
Bec Johnston (Missy), Tom Denham (The Master), Benji Clifford (Nowid Jenkins),
Jessica Hayden (Henrietta), W.D. Stevens (Hugh/Bryant/Conductor)

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