Thursday, 5 June 2014

From the Studio: Inside the Train

Hello, everyone!

We've had a great response to our most recent release Mind the Gap! for which we thank you all for. And since you all seemed to enjoy it so much, we thought we'd treat you to some pictures of the cast from the cover shoot we did during recording. Everyone's all dressed up in their costumes and looking extra snazzy. So, here they are:

The London Crew
(W.D. Stevens, Elice Rebecca, Jessica Hayden)

The Tough Nana, Jade
(Jessica Hayden)

Our Ocker Aussie, Eric
(William R. Stone)

The Insufferable Fashionista, Gary
(W.D. Stevens)

The Inspiration for Fluffs
(my dog, Perry)

The Whole Group
(William R. Stone, Elice Rebecca, W.D. Stevens, Jessica Hayden)

We had a whole lot of fun making this episode and we're glad you all liked it too. You can still download it or stream it here:

Keep watching for some more announcements VERY SOON!
~ W.D. Stevens

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