Sunday, 25 May 2014

Welcome to the TARDIS, Elice Rebecca! (and a new trailer!)

Hello all you loyal followers! It's been a few weeks, I know but we have some exciting announcements for you all. First of all, we'd like to welcome Elice Rebecca to the TARDIS team playing the new companion, Penelope.

We've been having a ball recording her first stories over the last couple of months and we've got an awesome trailer of her debut story Mind the Gap! for you all to listen to which will be out in just one week's time!

But, wait, there's more! Tom Denham and myself have been working on some awesome artwork and here are the covers for our next two releases, Mind the Gap! and Deep Freeze.

It's going to be an exciting couple of months ahead so stay tuned!
~ W.D. Stevens

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