Sunday, 30 March 2014

Doctor Who: 1.2 - "The Temporal Terrorrists"

The Tom Denham Era
Season 1, Episode 2

With the Alchemist's plan exposed, the TARDIS heads for the now-resurrected planet Argon in search of answers. But the truth heralds a terrible decision - the worst choice the Doctor will ever have to make.

Written by W.D. Stevens
Directed by W.D. Stevens
Incidental Music by W.D. Stevens
Theme Arr. Ned Warren

Tom Denham (The Doctor), Matthew Hocking (The Alchemist),
Jill Damerow (Dr. Sinds), Ryan Hennessy (The Chairman),
W.D. Stevens (Jelpax/Guards), David Nagel (Co-ordiantor Vansell),
Deputy Chairman (Ben Holt)

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