Sunday, 5 January 2014

Tales of Mystery & Imagination - Episode 1 "Separation"

Tales of Mystery & Imagination - "SEPARATION"

The Robert Lloyd Era
Season 1, Wave 1, Episode 1

When Edgar Allan Poe boards the TARDIS for the first time, he, the Doctor and Ellie Templeton are thrown into the midst of an adventure in a brave new world and beyond into the realm of fantasy and beyond believable. 

Written by Tom Denham

Directed by Tom Denham

Robert Lloyd (The Doctor), Natasha Jacobs (Ellie/Virginia Woolf), Bryce Mazzarella (Edgar Allan Poe), Aron Toman (Tristan), Zak Marinan (Dracula), Tom Denham (Dracula Two/UNIT Troop), Jack Hilet (Col. Maithwaite) and Sam Jago (Capt. Jones)

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